Meet the team

Felix van Litsenburg

Felix van Litsenburg leads the Wetzoek project. A firm believer in learning by doing, the Open Data for the Dutch legal system seemed like the perfect material to learn about NLP. This hobby soon got out of hand and turned into Wetzoek. He is behind most of the things you see on Wetzoek. As he is not yet a master of NLP, but rather still a student, the advanced NLP-engineering is done by Branden and Elena.

He has worked in consulting and for startups. Felix read PPE at Oxford University and completed a Masters in Economics at the LSE. Find his personal page here, or check out his LinkedIn.

Branden Chan

Information to come.

Elena Stein

Elena works in a start-up as a Data Scientist in Berlin. She enjoys working on NLP projects and as a Dutch national is excited to be involved in building a tool to make Dutch law more accessible. Her previous NLP project was a text to emoji translator to help children with dyslexia, who struggle with reading (check it out here). Before Berlin, Elena was working in a Bank in London. She studied Materials Science and Engineering at Imperial College London. See her LinkedIn here.

Julia van Litsenburg

Information to come.